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Have you ever contemplated the significance of ‘why’?

Simon Sinek’s wisdom has sparked a renaissance in how a lot of people, and organisations approach their work. It’s not just about the ‘what’ or ‘how,’ but fundamentally, the ‘why’ behind it all.

Our ‘why’ is simple yet we believe profoundly impactful—we are steadfast in ensuring nobody feels lost.

In a landscape rife with challenges—be it in recruitment, skill development, or personal career paths—it’s common to experience a sense of disconnection, vulnerability, or uncertainty. At Wagstaff, we’re driven to transform that narrative.

The roots to Wagstaff’s Why

After the loss of a parent, our Founder found herself grappling with her own identity. Ruth didn’t quite fit into the conventional moulds of childhood and teenage life. She wasn’t a high achiever, nor an underachiever. She was wandering through life without a clear sense of direction, unaware of her own sense of being lost.

Entering the workforce brought about a shift. It was a world where things changed, where adults stepped in to lend a hand. Despite her father’s unwavering support, Ruth felt a void; she needed a broader network to guide, educate, listen, understand, and support her.

Ruth’s introspective journey as an adult wasn’t just about uncovering her personal ‘why’; it sparked the very essence of Wagstaff’s purpose. As Ruth encountered people who gently pulled her out of that lost feeling with their mentoring, encouragement, knowledge and support, they showed Ruth the value of being a trusted guide for others.

That’s why Wagstaff exists—to provide an informative, qualified, experienced, and knowledgeable recruitment and careers coaching service, a trusted companion for anyone feeling lost.

Our ongoing purpose

At Wagstaff we aim to be the guiding force, the listening ear, and the supportive network for hiring managers and individuals navigating their own recruitment projects, and personal career paths. Just as Ruth found solace in the support of others, we strive to offer the same for those who turn to us.

Our services are grounded in our core values:

  • Listening: Your story matters to us.
  • Curiosity: To truly understand.
  • Building a Trusted Network: Creating supportive communities.
  • Lifelong Learning: Empowering growth.
  • Integrity: The foundation of our interactions.

Our ongoing commitment

To erase that sense of ‘lostness.’

We acknowledge the complexities that often accompany pivotal moments in a business, and personal professional journey.  If you feel we could help you, please get in touch with any of the Wagstaff team for a confidential discussion.


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