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Why Percy Pig is a big part of Ruth’s life!

Percy Pig is a big part of Ruth’s Life, and we have realised we have never shared why. Here is her story.

I have been in love since the 90s, a secret love for quite a while but over more recent years, a love that I needed to shout about.

His name is Percy – I LOVE Percy Pig!

Now I don’t just love this pig because he tastes amazing (which he does). I love him for two main reasons.

Firstly, he has been in my life the whole time I have been in recruitment (nearly 30 years!) .

Secondly, and most importantly, Percy has been able to showcase the world of work in food manufacturing, innovation, and engineering.

Back in 2016, I delivered my first workshop in a secondary school, I aimed to highlight the jobs available in food manufacturing (R&D, Marketing, Legal, Finance, Quality, Engineering, etc) but it did not go to plan, at this point I was being unfaithful, my head had been turned, I was using Haribo as my chosen product……

I started my workshop, expecting the group of 14-year-olds to have a little excitement but there was no reaction until one student said, “We don’t eat Haribo, they are full of gelatine”. My heart raced; I was standing trying to inspire and falling flat on my behind! I should have known better, Percy was vegetarian, why had I not used him?! The truth was I had thought he was not “cool” enough, and Haribo and become the trend. How wrong was I?!

Since 2016 I have been faithful to Percy 😊 and that is how the Percy Pig Career Project started.

Today the project introduces students to the job opportunities available in manufacturing, we also launch a competition that encourages creative thinking and teamwork. The project is structured to meet the following Gatsby Benchmarks

  • Benchmark 2 Learning from career and labour market information
  • Benchmark 4. Linking curriculum learning to Careers
  • Benchmark 5 Encounters with Employers and employees
  • Benchmark 6. Experiences of workplaces

If you would like to learn more about the careers work we are involved in please do get in touch with Ruth at

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