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Why Mummy Cries

Recently I have read 2 brilliant books by Gill Sims, ‘Why Mummy Drinks’ and ‘Why Mummy Swears’. All the way through both books I laughed hysterically, agreeing fully with every word written on the page. As a full-time working parent, I find myself juggling a very demanding job, a very demanding 3-year-old, a home, a dog, my family, my friends and not forgetting my wonderful husband who also works very hard on a 3-shift pattern.


Last night I left work and very happily drove straight home, as my husband had already fetched our daughter from the childminder. I walked into the house and suddenly realised it cannot be left the way it is any longer! Lots of washing on the dining room table that has been there for 7-10 business days, items of clothing and bags I have taken out of the car sitting on the stairs, toys in every single room of the house that I have been stepping over since Sunday night. After putting my daughter into bed at 8pm I decided to get my clean on!! 2.5 hours later, my home is gleaming. I went upstairs for a shower, came back down and booooom…… the husband has cooked his lunch for work the next day, the dog has a bone which is chewed into pieces all over the floor, and the washing basket is full again. Within 2 minutes I burst into tears. Tears of sadness and anger.


This morning, I dragged my poor daughter out of bed at 7.10am as we have to leave the house at 7.20am for her to arrive at the childminder in time for me to get to work. This makes me feel guilty every day of the week. This morning, like no other, I felt awful putting her straight into the car seat from her warm bed. After 10 minutes in the car, she looked at me and said, “mummy, Trolls please”. Luckily this is readily waiting on Amazon music. As soon as the song starts, she is singing into a non-existent microphone, waving her arms and nodding her head. Naturally I smiled, and this made me realise why I work so hard and run around like a headless chicken 24/7. Within 2 minutes I burst into tears. Tears of happiness.


Mummy cries at least once a week, for sadness, for happiness, for hormones, or generally for no reason whatsoever! This does not make me weak, this does not make me too emotional. This is just my way of dusting myself off and trying my best to smash it and make the most of my life.

Samantha Ridgard – Recruitment Consultant

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