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Why Engineers Pick You

There are not enough Engineers.

We all know that, and we are all frustrated by it.

The reasons for this are many.

The solutions are complex, long term and frankly beyond any one company to implement.

But here’s the thing – you don’t need to worry about that, you just need to be more attractive to candidates than your competition. That way you can get as many engineers as you want.

How you can be better than your competition?

We hosted a webinar to explain the steps your business needs to take to beat the competition in attracting and retaining the small number of engineers out there.

There’s a huge amount you can do for yourselves that is much more cost effective than shelling out on recruitment fees, and that was what the webinar was about – how to be the first choice for hard-to-find talent with a tool called an EVP – (Employer Value Proposition)

Ruth was joined by Adam Payne, a name many people may know from his years of leadership in automotive and aerospace manufacturing or his more recent years of advocacy for the engineering industry.

In the webinar they shared:

✅ How to attract the next generation of millennials and Gen Z, and motivate them.

✅ How to attract established engineers, and how to keep them

✅ If social events, charity and employee perks really matter

✅ 3 Practical tips any firm can do, on any budget to start and see immediate impact.

You can watch the re watch webinar here ➡️Webinar Link

Whether you are in engineering or manufacturing, in the UK, USA, or anywhere in the world, your future growth and stability depends on being the business talented engineers want to work with.

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