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Ways we can network

LinkedIn is a brilliant platform where you can follow companies you are interested in and see what products and services they are providing. You can also get a really good feel for who their customers are and what their culture is like.


You should try and connect with their hiring managers and also connect with people who do similar jobs to you and learn what that role is like in that company.

If you are really interested in a particular company, start to “like” posts that interest you, and comment on posts where you can add a point of view that’s relevant.

LinkedIn can also help with the dreaded face-to-face networking events. If you are attending a business networking event and know the hosts and some of the attendees, use LinkedIn to view their profiles and see if you have anything in common. Connect before the event and if you want to meet them, just send them a message.

Exhibitions are another great way of learning about a business and meeting it’s teams. Even in this digital age, many businesses still showcase their products and services at exhibitions and these are often completely free to attend.

You may even meet hiring managers but, if not, when you apply for a position or attend an interview, you will have the experience to talk about and share. It all helps demonstrates a genuine interest in the company you’re talking to.

Here are some of the largest and most well-known trade shows in the Engineering, Manufacturing and Packaging sectors.

If Hospitality is a sector you work in or have an interest in, try these exhibitions:

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