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The robots are coming!

The robots are coming

The past few weeks I have had the most interesting discussions about future jobs, which ones will still be available and what could be new on the horizon, it’s been fascinating! The Discussions have been from Electrical / System Maintenance Engineers working remotely, picking up ad hoc fixers for a set price, maybe whilst sat on a beach! To 3D printing your own food?…!!!

We are big technical geeks here at Wagstaff, we just love what Boston Dynamics. This video showing how robots could be used in the warehouse industry, is just fascinating:

The truth is, we are evolving. Jobs, industry and people change, and technology makes us better, more efficient. But not always………..

In our industry we are certainly welcoming the ability to match faster, better algorithms which will help match CV’s to job specifications, deliver quick and effective results. The question is then asked are we, as recruiters, redundant? Well, supported with the wise words of Greg Savage ……….


Technology will add value in speed and accuracy but the art of recruiting, the reason we get repeat business and referrals above any other type of business is the human interaction and the experience you feel when you work with us. This, we do not believe can be replaced. We may not be everyone’s cup of tea, mainly people engage with people that they like. And if our way is your way, you will certainly have an experience to remember – in a good way! True listening skills, influencing, empathy. We love our jobs, we love taking to people, we love listening and we love building trusted relationships with human beings. These, for us create some great hairs on the back of your neck moments.

Technology cannot replace human behaviours. Those butterfly feelings when you go on a first date, or an interview! That feeling you get when you meet someone you would love to work with, that buzz you get when you walk into a building and think, “wow I want to work here!” That feeling when you interview someone and you think, “This person is great, I know exactly what a positive impact they could be on our business”

So, we welcome the robots with open arms, we looking forward to holding hands with them and creating trusted opportunities, together.

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