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The 43-year-old student.

Two weeks on from my first day back in education, I have been reflecting so much. Up until the morning of my first day I was so excited and then, as I got in my car for the 40-minute drive to the University of Warwick, the nerves kicked in. School for me was not my happiest of times, don’t get me wrong it was nothing horrific, looking back I just never felt alive there. Nothing inspired me and walking out of the school gates aged 16 I never thought I would return to education. So, what changed? The world of work changed me, I have had, and still do have, a challenging, interesting and rewarding career in recruitment, since “falling” into the world of recruitment I have met incredible people and feel privileged to have been able to introduce people to some great businesses and watch their careers develop. I have also met some inspirational leaders, some of these I have just listened to and watch but others have mentored and coached me, these incredible individuals have helped me succeed in my career. It has been all these practical experiences that drove me to want to learn more about the theory behind career development and understand how our individual experiences and choices impact our personal career journeys.

Even just 2 days into my post graduate course my mind is reflecting over all the situations, people and experiences that have impacted on my career and amazingly I am engrossed in learning about the theorists who support all the practical; John D. Krumboltz, John L. Holland and Mark Savickas are particular favourites so far, but it will be a long journey. I am really keen to hear people’s experiences and if there are any specific events or people that influenced and shaped their careers, I may also need a few guinea pigs for some case studies in the future, so any insights would be greatly appreciated! I hope you enjoy following this 43-year-old student on her careers coaching academic journey.

The nerves are still there, especially at the thought of assignment number 1! But the interest and excitement outweigh any nerves, however I am secretly glad there is only course work and no exams!!