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The 43-year-old student. Part 2, 6 months in.

Phew! I made it through my Post Grad! I am extremely pleased – not just because I passed but the result has added 20 credits towards my masters and I can now continue with my studies. I’m not afraid to admit, it wasn’t easy. This is what I learnt from module 1.

The good.
Studying a subject you are really interested in helps enormously. I do remember loving certain subjects at school (although not many!) and only now I realise maybe if I had been more inquisitive or eager, I could have studied more and achieved better grades. But as a child this just didn’t click with me, studying careers coaching will probably make me realise why!

The bad.
You are never happy with what you submit, you always feel you could do more. I felt I gave myself a good amount of time to write my 5,000-word assignment – I started in May with a deadline of the end of September. Every time I finished writing a certain section, my brain would continue to think, process the information further and come up with new ideas. I kept revisiting that section and struggled to move on. It was only when my husband (an experienced academic) said, “Ruth, you have to deliver something in full”. Wise words. I moved on after that.

The ugly.
My GCSE English is not helping – my grammar still isn’t great, and this was picked up on in my assignment. I have now purchased Gyles Brandreth’s new book; “Have you eaten Grandma?”. I am hoping it will help!
I couldn’t get my head around referencing, I must have asked about it 10 times or more. The tutors thought I should have got it. Additional work is definitely needed.

On a positive note, after 27 years since I last submitted an assignment I scraped a merit with 61%. ?
Now onto the next module. I will continue to give myself plenty of time, but I will also start to write in the format required from day one, as reformatting later on certainly added additional time / more stress. And I will be booking in for additional tutorials on referencing and academic writing.

Maybe Gyles Brandreth will become my new best friend / personal English tutor!

Ruth Forster.

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