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R&R in 2019

As I sat with my feet in the pool (promising myself I will not drop my phone!) enjoying the last couple of hours of sunshine, I start to reflect on a very enjoyable 10 days of R&R in the USA. I feel relaxed and recharged but most surprisingly for me, I began to unwind whilst exploring New York on my own (Hubby flew to Japan for a meeting, but that’s a totally different blog!).

Thinking back 20 years to when I was in my twenties, I definitely would not have been comfortable as a solo traveller. Now granted this was my second time in New York and I had landed here on this occasion with hubby, so I admit having 24 hours as a couple on this trip had probably set my mind at ease. However, my explorations for the next 48 hours unlocked a feeling of calm, relaxation and peace; a feeling I would have loved to have experienced in my twenties.

I wondered as I walked down the New York High Line, mobile in hand whether it was technology that was actually giving me the confidence, which ultimately was giving me my sense of freedom to explore. As I roamed the meat packing district, wandered into a bookstore, stopped for lunch in Greenwich, I knew my mobile was logging my every move. As I searched for my list of places to visit, I knew I could reach for Google Maps to confirm I was on the correct street or advise me of a detour.

As I request the bill at an idyllic Manhattan lunch stop, the waitress (who has been charming and I thought had been out here for years as I can only hear a faint twang of Irish) asks, “where are you from?”. “I was going to ask you the same!”, I reply. As she speaks, the full Dublin accent appears. This twenty-something year old arrived three weeks ago on a summer Visa. She informed me there were around one hundred Irish in her block, all working over the summer and having a ball! Wow. I was so impressed and envious; she had planned this working summer and what an experience she was going to have. For starters, we were heading into pride weekend and the parade ran right down this street, then into 4th July celebrations – that will be by the end of her fourth week! Wow!

Technology equals freedom? Yes, I am convinced it does. Well, for me anyway. I would like to think that twenty-something year old Ruth would have had the confidence to go on long weekends into Europe on her own, instead of feeling being single was prohibiting. But now the forty-something year old me does grab every opportunity to explore, as long as my mobile is fully charged and I can be tracked by my hubby or maybe even by Natalie (Wagstaff’s head of looking after everyone, especially me) as she could be more reliable than my hubby! (He’s ace really!)

Lasting thoughts from this trip – I am in control of my relaxation, the world is a very small place really. I am grateful for technology keeping me safe.

Now, I had better catch up on two weeks of happenings at Wagstaff.

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