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Recruitment Consultant or Careers Coach?

A key question when you’re considering a career move can be what is the difference between engaging with a Recruitment Consultant and a Careers Coach? In our January 2020 blog, we revisit the difference between Recruitment Consultancy and Careers Coaching.


What does a Recruitment Consultant do?

The job of a recruitment consultant can be varied but the general expectation when meeting a recruiter is you are meeting an industry expert. A recruiter who understands the job market you are searching in, a specialist who has real-time knowledge of the current availability of jobs, in the required location and sector. They will be able to advise on salaries, packages and career development opportunities available with the various employers compatible with your skills.


What does a careers coach do?

Whereas a Recruitment Consultant is of someone who can practically help you, direct you with practical information on jobs available within your search criteria. A Careers Coach will first and foremost not be there to give you information, a Careers Coach will take a non-directive approach they will help you to explore your current career to date, and ask questions to for you to gain an understanding of your own career, this can immediately offer a challenge as the expectation when meeting a Careers Coach could be:

“You are being paid to give careers advice, I want you to tell me what the market is and what my options are”.


How do I identify if I need a recruiter or a careers coach? 

  • Ask the question “do I want to explore my career options or be told what jobs are available for me?”.
  • If you want to have direct information given to you then engage a recruiter with proven experience within your chosen field.
  • If you want to explore your career further, arranging a career coaching session could prove enlightening.


What can I expect from a careers coach? 

  • When working with a coach you will be asked lots of questions, you will be the one talking the most, your coach will listen.
  • When it works well you should leave a coaching session feeling that you do have answers but rather than being given the information in a directive way you will have explored and identified options for yourself.
  • A coach can and will offer information and advice but only when mutually agreed and appropriate.
  • You should leave your coaching sessions feeling positive and hopefully empowered for future steps with your career.


Careers coaching can be invaluable when: 

  • Considering a career move, to explore what you really want.
  • Facing redundancy. Your employer may offer an outplacement service which can include 121 careers coaching sessions.
  • Returning to work from parental or care leave, considering different options which could be available: job roles, industries, self-employment, hours of work.
  • You want to throw caution to the wind and explore anything!


Your Wagstaff Careers Coach:

Ruth or Managing DirectorRuth Forster

Commencing a career in recruitment in 1993, Ruth has always recognised the importance of careers guidance and support to deliver effective recruitment projects.

Since establishing Wagstaff Recruitment in 2010, she has focused on delivering high quality, informative careers coaching to a variety of businesses and education establishments.

Ruth is currently a part time student at The University of Warwick studying for a Masters in Careers Development and Coaching Studies.


To find out more:

For a confidential discussion to explore Careers Coaching, please contact Ruth Forster directly:


Mobile: 07779 020242


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