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Pushing yourself out of your comfort zone!

“Pushing yourself out of your comfort zone”, it is a phrase we hear a lot, especially when we can be developing in both our careers and our adventures in life.

My career is a huge part of the adventure side of my life and I am lucky that I have been able to explore a world of work which is continually changing. This has allowed me to partake in various opportunities for ongoing personal development and push me out of my comfort zone! Yesterday was one of those days, presentation day!

This really isn’t something that is new to me, I am used to delivering communication workshops that incorporate the DiSC tool.

I am used to delivering this to strangers, individuals or in group sessions.

I am used to delivering this annually to my team.

I am not used to delivering this to my peers; a group of seasoned recruitment owners who already know a lot about effective communication and also know me well! These are people I admire, people who are great at their jobs and are not afraid to say when something is not up to standard.

I needed to dig deep and get comfortable with knowing I was going to feel uncomfortable. I was not only delivering to my peers but also working with someone new, someone that I respected. The core S in me was fearing that I could let them all down.

At the forefront of my mind was ensuring this session was effective. I was acutely aware that my peers time was precious and I needed to ensure that listening to me was not going to be a waste of their time.

The reality: Amidst a tight time schedule the presentation was delivered, I saw nodding heads of agreement and smiles of “yes, I recognise that style!”

The result: Feedback was positive, time was not wasted, practical points for effective communication were either learnt or the session served as a reminder and a memory jolt.

Lasting thought in my mind; remember to “get comfortable feeling uncomfortable!”

And if anyone sees me delivering a presentation stood behind the desk – please tell me! #badhabit!


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