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New Horizons

Before Ashley found her way to Wagstaff Recruitment, long before stepping into the world of recruitment, I had spent years watching her work hard in jobs that offered her very little challenge and minimal reward. She would often talk about wanting more; a career that would push her to achieve more and give her the challenge she craved. A devoted mother and wife of a soldier, Ashley has always put her family before herself. For the 9 years we spent together, she worked hard in jobs that offered no future or progression until one day when I came home from work, Ashley told me that she had found someone on LinkedIn. Someone she admired who had worked hard for years before taking the leap to start her own successful recruiting company. Ashley went on to tell me how she had gone out on a limb and contacted this lady who she would later come to know as Ruth. In a phone call she made out of the blue, Ashley reached out to Ruth for guidance hoping to gain some kind of direction on how to steer herself toward a career she had always hoped for. While they talked, Ruth told her about a position in her company that she was recruiting for and invited Ashley to interview for the role of Recruitment Resourcer – which she did so successfully.


When Ashley started working for Wagstaff Recruitment, she would often ask me if I thought she was doing the right thing. This totally new world of recruiting was like nothing she had ever done before, but she persevered and continued to work hard. I watched Ashley come home every day with a little more confidence and knowledge. Don’t get me wrong, sometimes she would come home frustrated or fed up if she hadn’t achieved what she had hoped for, but she wouldn’t give up and I’d often see her working hard on an evening cherry picking connections that would advance her ability to do her job. It didn’t seem to take long for Ashley’s confidence to grow and before long, she was coming home and telling me what she was achieving. The more success she had, the more her confidence soared. She started to find where her strengths lay and developed her own style. Ashley’s focus is now firmly set on what she needs to do in order to keep pushing forward.


Fast forward 7 months and today Ashley is focused, optimistic and hungry for the next challenge. As she moves from Resourcer to Recruiter, Ashley is stepping up her game and working hard at progressing to the next level. If the 10 years together have taught me anything about Ashley, it’s that there is no limit to what she is able to achieve once she sets her sights on it. She never gives any less than 100% effort and her attention to detail, devotion and determination to succeed are nothing short of a force of nature.

Mr Altham, husband of Ashley Altham – Recruitment Resourcer

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