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Ignite the inspiration! – How easy is it really to inspire people?

I often reflect on my early life, my childhood and teens and I feel that I was never really inspired.  At least, I never felt that I had been.  Today, doing the job I do, inspiring people gives me the biggest satisfaction.  With the older generation you can see the inspiration and results straight away and I often wonder why that is.  We hope to inspire everyone that we interact with and enjoy stirring up those ideas every day, seeing energised thinking all around us.

People seeking new careers  – We immediately see candidates getting inspired when we talk to them about an employer that we know would be just perfect for them and really suit their desires.  You see their faces light up when we talk about products or services that they are really interested in, it could be food, motorsport, hospitality, design or development.

Employers seeking to attract new employees – Again you see the interest in their expressions as the inspiration hits them when we are talking about a certain applicant or a recruitment tool they could use to develop their brand and attract their own applicants.

Our own team  – We are always discussing the ways in which we can improve on what we do.  We love that “lightbulb moment” when one of us gets creative and we know it is a great new idea that we can start doing straight away, like creating our Wagstaff Wisdom, or our 5th company value – We are Inspirational!

The next generation – Now for me this is the hardest one to measure and yet the most important one.  To quote a well-known phrase,  “ children are our future”…. (Yes a little corny I know!) But it is so true.

We have a responsibility to reach out to the younger generation and share our work life experiences.  We need to share with them the great opportunities that are available and be honest, and share with them when decisions may not have been the right ones.  Young people need to know how we have rectified a bad situation and turned it around to a good one.

The hardest part, when talking to the majority of the younger generation is that it is only occasionally that you can actually witness that you have inspired them.  However, that shouldn’t stop us engaging with them as teenagers can often feel lost and really do not know what they want to do with their lives.  That was certainly my experience!  They often don’t know what their options are so find it impossible to make informed choices.

So, I thought I hadn’t been inspired at school. There was certainly no careers advice or experience that did inspire me.  But there were teachers who created really interesting lessons that seized my attention and there were teachers who were organised, professional and drove nice cars!  I didn’t realise that they were actually showcasing a professional career and this was probably the thing that did inspire me.   I wanted a professional career, I just had no idea, as the Miss Average student of my day, as to how I would achieve this.

So along with our everyday recruitment, Wagstaff Recruitment are sharing our Wagstaff Wisdom.  We hope to inspire our young people by sharing experiences and sharing the opportunities that are genuinely available.  It costs nothing but our time to share these experiences that hopefully will inspire – even if it is just a few!  Don’t be surprised if you suddenly hear or see us speaking at your child’s school about careers advice, we are hoping to be Inspirational!

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