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Happy Birthday to us

3 October 2016 sees Wagstaff Recruitment turn 6 years old. Turning an extra year older can often lead to reflection and in respect of the business’ anniversary I always seem to reflect more. When running a business, 1 year can feel more like a dog year (7 years!) maybe the business is really 42 (ironically 1 year off my actual age!)

So I have found myself jumping on the band wagon to write an on trend letter to my younger self, as a way of reflecting on an amazing 6 years.

Be brave. Trust your gut (not just with good cake!) Recruitment is tough, don’t be shy to admit this. Yes you have high standards and sometimes you will not deliver the right candidates for your client or find the right people to work with Wagstaff, but be brave.  Don’t go for something that feels wrong, if it feels wrong, it probably is wrong. Taking your time to be comfortable with a hire is the right thing to do. Yes, you will lose out on some occasions but the times you go against your gut you will regret even more and you will beat yourself up over and over again.

Balance your emotional self. Do not be ashamed that you are emotional about your business.  You deal with people, internally and externally, you do not have a “product”. You know this, stick to caring about the people and the process and do not let yourself start considering your business as a transactional business. You are a ‘people person’ in a ‘people business’.  Embrace it, along with all the emotions it brings.  You may not get to be a huge business but you will always be proud of your business and you will have more enjoyment working in it.

Enjoy the moments and take time for you.  A tired you is an ineffective you, taking time for you and your family is essential. You know how to recruit, taking some time off will not affect the business especially as you have a great number 2 to support you.

So what now?……………………..

6 years into our journey Wagstaff Recruitment has certainly experienced the recruitment roller coaster.

We have had some great times, working with and still working with some great businesses. We have developed great partnerships with clients who we genuinely collaborate with. We have met some great people looking for work and have placed some of these in their ideal role where they now feel settled, some have progressed into new positions within the business and some have now become clients.

We have worked with some great contractors who do brilliant work for us and are a true extension of the Wagstaff Recruitment brand.

We have also experienced some really challenging times, contractors letting us down, not turning up for work or applicants not turning up for interviews. Both situations resulting in really difficult conversations with our clients. On the opposite side, we have seen clients not feeding back after interviews or filling a role internally after external candidates have taken time off to attend interviews.  Again, this leaves us with really difficult conversations to have with applicants.

All this can leave us feeling bruised and deflated but what always gets Wagstaff Recruitment through is our internal team.  Now don’t get me wrong, in the past 6 years that has seen its challenges too, and from both sides. I know I have not been the idyllic leader at all times but as I always say, we all make mistakes the key is to learn from them and I truly believe we all have. I am proud of the Wagstaff Recruitment team, today more than ever we all truly showcase our company values.

We are always honest with each other in an understanding way and support each other to be successful trying to be inspirational in all that we do.

So now time for cake and to celebrate what we have achieved and to remember to continue to do what we have been doing for the past 6 years, listen to our own Wagstaff Wisdom. The main thing; I am so lucky to still do a job I love and want to walk through the office door each day to work with great people, and my dog!

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