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DiSC Profiling

Relationships; our lives function because of them, on every level. From our early years, it’s one of the constant development areas of our lives.

We all experience the impact that good and bad relationships have on our lives, personal and professional. I am sure most people can relate to feeling one or all of these….

      “We just clicked!”

                  or “They just don’t get me!”  

                              or “I’ve explained it a million times, why don’t they get it?!”

Some relationships seem a challenge but can, as we get older, become easier, better, stronger. Some relationships flourish whilst some flounder.

We are always striving to find the perfect recipe for a happy, harmonious, exciting and fulfilling relationship, but what makes those great relationships really work?

Within the workplace, there are a variety of profiling tools available. For us at Wagstaff, the DiSC model has proved a simple but effective tool which has enabled the team to understand more about themselves and how to build effective relationships within the workplace; internally and externally. It can also help with personal relationships too!


What is DiSC?

DiSC aims to deliver personalised insights that foster engagement and collaboration in today’s ever-changing workplace”.

We love DiSC because there is no right or wrong, no good or bad profile. DiSC helps you understand you, helps drive through effective communication, working relationship and ultimately build highly effective teams. When understanding each other more we can play to each other’s strengths, harness skills in the right areas and have the knowledge to deal with challenging situations, with each other, customers or even family!

What do users of DiSC think?

“DiSC profiling has been a great tool to use in general team management and also in the development of individual team members. People work and operate in many ways and have different motivators and stressors and it is good to understand how to select the best way to communicate and work with them. I would thoroughly recommend teams being profiled so everyone understands each other better and how to interact for a more harmonious environment.”


“I feel DiSC is a great tool to understand how your colleagues work; how certain situations will be taken, if not dealt with a certain way. I can take things very personally and dwell on things that have happened. Whereas there are others that have forgotten and moved onto the next item. Understanding each other’s traits helps to keep a harmonious work environment.”


Want to learn more about DiSC and how it could help you?

For a more detailed insight into how DiSC, please contact Ruth Forster, our Certified DiSC Trainer to find out more on :

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