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How To Identify The Opportunities Available

Life used to be a lot simpler when searching for a job.

For those who remember life before the internet, the go-to would be the press.
Jobs would be advertised once a week in the job supplement, one available in each city or town, or you could head over to the national newspapers again on a specific day. Now things are very different.

Now things are very different.

We live in a digital age, where there are no shortages of places to visit on your laptop or phone, and a myriad of information available to you. But how do you know where to look first?
Here are a few suggestions.

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Job Boards – To Name A Few:

  • CV Library
  • Total Jobs/Job Site
  • Reed
  • Indeed


  • Linkedin Adverts
  • Linkedin company pages and posts
  • Hiring Manager posts on the newsfeed
  • LinkedIn groups

Key steps to help you manage all this information.

  • Set up alerts for all the job boards, and let the jobs come to you in your email inbox.
  • Set up Google alerts for the job you are seeking.
  • Set up LinkedIn alerts so that you know when companies you are interested in are starting to hire.
  • On LinkedIn follow the hiring managers at the companies you want to work at
  • Register your details with companies you are interested in working for. You will normally find a link to register with them directly on their careers page on their website.
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