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How our consultancy services can help you…

Sometimes when we talk to people about our consultancy service they look at us rather oddly. It’s because the core of the service is around enabling clients to build their own recruitment strategy in-house – and it seems a little contrary that a recruitment agency would do that!

But to us, it makes complete sense. It’s all about trust. By working with you to develop effective internal recruitment processes, we share our wisdom on current practices. We can ensure you have the most relevant and up to date information on strategies, market knowledge, staffing information and salary data. It’s our way of supporting you in building next generation recruitment.

And we trust that when you get a difficult one, a role you can’t handle yourself, you’ll come to us and use our recruitment services. That way you only pay recruitment fees when you really need to. There’s no obligation of course, but we find that’s the way it usually works. Because we will have built a trusted relationship and together we can use it to create great opportunities.

If you need help with your internal recruitment strategy, DiSC profiling for the development of high performance teams, or guidance on how to advertise effectively, one of our consultants can help.

Our consultancy services include:

  • Internal recruitment strategy building
  • DiSC (Recruitment and developing high performance teams)
  • Advertising services

Meet the consultancy team.

Stuart Cooper – BEng (Hons)

When working with consultancy clients, my detailed and thorough approach serves me well. With a wealth of experience in engineering and logistics, I find I can often identify challenges that others miss – and then come up with solutions to address them. I’m told I’m a good listener, but I also feel that I’m a real hands-on person who gets the job done.

Stuart Cooper – BEng (Hons)

Ruth Forster – FIRP

With a proven track record of over 25 years in recruitment, I work with my consultancy clients to understand their recruitment challenges, offering advice and guidance, which sometimes may be ‘do not recruit yet’!

I can support you in developing collaborative working, a proactive marketing strategy, advice on engaging with skills boards, and how to influence recruitment strategies.

DiSC accredited, I am a forward thinker and influencer who will challenge the status quo and look to the future of recruitment and technology.

Ruth Forster – FIRP
Career Development Institute Disc Certified Trainer Team - member of the year Institute of Recruitment Professionals Women Presidents’ Association Pay in 30 Days