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What is careers coaching?

Our careers coaching service is one of the things that makes Wagstaff different. There are all sorts of points in your professional life when some coaching could help you – after all, learning is lifelong. You may be at the start of your journey, fresh from school or uni. Or you’ve been working for a while and feel like you’re stuck in a rut. Perhaps you’ve been made redundant – in fact, it was seeing so many great people in this situation during times of recession that spurred us into developing our coaching service.

If you read about our team you’ll see a few of us left education without any idea about what our career options were. It’s for this reason that we work with schools – right from the primary stage where we run interactive workshops with the kids, designed to tap into their natural creativity and perhaps create a spark of interest in a future potential career. We’ll take a subject that appeals to them – let’s say chocolate buttons – and look at how it’s cooked, how it’s packaged, how it’s manufactured. At secondary school level, we run interactive workshops, exploring possible jobs, along with careers assemblies that look at everything from how to start your own business or how to be a candidate that shines, through to personal branding and how much you can expect to earn.

Once you are at work, a job you once loved can start to feel it’s no longer enough to satisfy you. Maybe you find yourself at a careers crossroads, perhaps a takeover or a change of top management. Or your own circumstances change – returning to work after a break, moving to part-time or finding yourself redundant after many years in a job you enjoy. We offer group sessions for times when companies are having to make clusters of people redundant, or individual face to face sessions if you find yourself in any of these circumstances.

As recruiters, we have a wealth of combined knowledge to understand what employers are looking for and can help you to stand out as the best candidate. It gives us the insight to be able to advise and guide you, and you may well find that spending quality time with one of our experienced coaches is the catalyst you need to discover your next great job.

All our coaching starts with one principle – if you are happy in work, you are happy in life.

Our careers coaching services include:

  • Workshops within schools, colleges and universities covering a variety of topics: personal branding, being the best applicant, the jobs of tomorrow, how much to expect!
  • Outplacement redundancy support services. Group or individual sessions. Face to face.

Meet the coaching team.

Ruth Forster

I’m one of the team who left school at 16. My career progressed through YTS and on the job training. When I discovered recruitment in 1993 I realised I’d found my path and worked happily in the sector until 2010 when I set up Wagstaff. I know all about changed circumstances, having just started back into education, doing a part time post-grad course in Career Development and Coaching. My areas of coaching expertise include careers support in education, 1-2-1 coaching at any point in your life and entrepreneurship – guidance on being self-employed or setting up your own business.

When not working at Wagstaff I am the Employment Adviser for Chase Terrace Technology College, a member of the All Party Parliamentary Group (APPG) for Women & Enterprise, and a mentor for 1 Million Mentors.

Ruth Forster

Sarah Hawthorne

I’m a chartered management accountant with a BA (Hons) in Accountancy, as such, my area of specialism is supporting businesses with my with finance expertise. An advocate for teaching children from an early age on the endless possibilities within the world of work, I’m a creative soul, and I like to get pupils thinking big. I regularly run careers events covering that most important of subjects, how to manage money.

Sarah Hawthorne

Stuart Cooper

After serving an apprenticeship in the automotive industry, I experienced a number of different industries including engineering, account management and recruitment. Throughout this time I studied to achieve a degree in engineering. I love working in schools, offering support on a 1-2-1 or small group basis – and not surprisingly, it’s the detailed, technical stuff that I really enjoy. I also offer 1-2-1 careers coaching including CV writing, interview preparation, and workshops on how to be the best applicants.

Stuart Cooper