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We are heading into challenging times and Wagstaff Recruitment & Careers Coaching are here to help anyone from any sector who is facing redundancy or has already lost their job.

We may not be able to find you a job, but we can connect you with the relevant people to help you in the best way possible through our affiliated TEAM members.

We can also offer 121 coaching via video where we can be here to talk to, help you and guide you through what could be a traumatic time.

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Personal careers coaching will include an initial exploratory process followed by a confidential sharing platform for individuals to share their thoughts, this will enable the careers coach to gain a clearer understanding of the individual’s wants and needs.


121 coaching sessions can include:

  • Understanding the current jobs market/economic situation.
  • Exploring who will be hiring; when, where, contract, temp or perm.
  • Practical tips on how to search for a new job, labour market information on sectors and job roles.
  • Preparing how to be the best applicant; CV reviewing, assistance and guidance in creating an effective CV.
  • Personal brand development; utilising LinkedIn effectively, increasing an individual’s own network with relevant connections.
  • The art of networking (digitally).
  • Interview preparation.
  • Assessment day preparation.


Your coach:

Ruth Forster

Ruth or Managing Director

Commencing a career in recruitment in 1993, Ruth has always recognised the importance of careers guidance and support to deliver effective recruitment projects.

Since establishing Wagstaff Recruitment in 2010, she has focused on delivering high quality, informative careers coaching to a variety of businesses and educational establishments.

Ruth is currently studying for a Masters in Careers Development and Coaching Studies at The University of Warwick to enhance her practical skills.



An introduction from Ruth

 Recruiter or a Careers Coach?

When arranging a meeting with a recruitment consultant or a careers coach, the question is often posed “is there a difference?” and if so “what is the difference?”.

After spending the past 20 years as a recruiter and learning through a practical approach about jobs and recruitment, in 2018 I embarked on a four-year MA journey to learn more about the wider world of careers and strengthen my skills within careers coaching.

The job of a recruitment consultant is slightly varied but the general expectation when meeting a recruiter is to meet an industry expert. A recruiter who understands the job market you are searching in, a specialist who has real-time knowledge of the current availability of jobs, in the required location and sector, and be able to advise on salaries, packages and career development opportunities available with the various employers compatible with your skills. The recruiter may also be able to offer advice on writing your CV and preparation for an interview.


So, what does a careers coach do?

The above description of a recruiter is of someone feeding you information and directing you to jobs which are available and deemed suitable from your request. A careers coach will first and foremost not give you information. In an alternative approach, they will help you to examine your current career to date and then explore your options with you. This can immediately offer a challenge as the expectation when meeting a careers coach could be:

“You are being paid to give careers advice, I want you to tell me what the market is and what my options are”.


How do I identify if I need a recruiter or a careers coach?

  • Ask the question “do I want to explore my career options or be told what jobs are available for me?”.
  • If you want to have direct information given to you then engage a recruiter with proven experience within your chosen field.
  • If you want to explore your career further, arranging a career coaching session could prove enlightening.


What can I expect from a careers coach?

  • Be prepared that the first meeting will be to explore your thoughts about how careers coaching works and for the coach to explain their experience and skills. The aim is to set the scene and set expectations of how their coaching sessions will work. This is a time for you to start to build the relationship with your coach and decide if this is the right approach for you. If this all feels comfortable and agreeable, then further sessions can be set.
  • When working with a coach you will be asked lots of questions, you will be the one talking the most, your coach will listen, ask more and most likely you will have discussions exploring your career.
  • When it works well you should leave a coaching session feeling that you do have answers but rather than being given the information you will have explored and identified options for yourself.
  • Dependent on your personal circumstances, you may have partial answers and could have agreed with your coach areas and ideas which need further exploration and actual information. A coach can and will offer information and advice but only when agreed and appropriate.
  • You should leave your coaching session feeling positive and possibly empowered for future steps with your career.


Careers coaching can be invaluable when:

  • Considering a career move, to explore what you really want.
  • Facing redundancy. Your employer may offer an outplacement service which can include 121 careers coaching sessions.
  • Returning to work from parental or care leave, considering different options which could be available: job roles, industries, self-employment, hours of work.
  • Feeling uncomfortable in your current role but exiting that business is not your desired outcome.
  • You want to throw caution to the wind and explore anything!



In summary; when I am in recruiter mode, I offer more advice and guidance and get on and do! When I am coaching, I ask lots of questions, listen lots and aim to empower people to expose their brilliant ideas, because that’s what they are – their ideas, normally just hidden from their own view.





I recently connected with Ruth as I felt I needed some advice and support to assist me towards a career move. She listened intently to my initial thoughts and ideas in order to formulate a plan. Subsequently, my CV was reviewed by Ruth and adjusted based on her feedback/thoughts. I now feel more happy and content that my CV is to the required standard, and is promoting my transferable skills. I found Ruth to be positive, supportive and understanding. After my first consultation with Ruth, I felt more positive and confident about taking proactive steps towards moving into the project management industry. Since then Ruth has kept in touch by email and phone, and checked my progress offering any additional help.



Ruth is a leading light in recruitment, coaching, and mentoring. Having worked with Ruth for over 10 years, I can say that she has a real passion to help people unlock their potential. Ruth has offered huge value for me over this time, delivering solutions for recruitment, bespoke coaching, consultancy, and career guidance both personally, and for organisations I have worked for. If you need support personally, or for your organisation, I recommend you give Ruth a call.



Ruth was extremely helpful and friendly. I visited her just before finishing my degree in a bit of a panic about which career path I wanted to take. Ruth was encouraging and listened to my initial ideas in order to help me form a concise plan. On leaving the meeting I felt much calmer about the future. Since then Ruth has kept in touch, emailing me to see how my career plans are coming along and to see if I needed any additional help. I would highly recommend her and Wagstaff.



Being paired with Ruth was an extremely beneficial experience. Ruth not only provided me with advice and an insight into the world of recruitment, but she also aided my decision making when choosing between different graduate opportunities. As a final year student having to make my initial career choices, I found her guidance particularly helpful, especially as she was so attentive throughout the process. Ruth’s warm, friendly manner and desire to assist meant I was comfortable contacting her whenever I required some advice and I would recommend her to anyone looking for some guidance at the early stages of their career.



Ruth has been an incredible advocate for ensuring Staffordshire students receive the CIAG they rightfully deserve. She has championed the work of local businesses, charities and schools to engage in getting the best outcomes. This is combined with the personal work she has completed with students on interview skills, CV writing and how to market themselves to employers has made a gigantic difference. Thank you!

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