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    Coaching terms

    You will receive a free 20 minute initial coaching consultation

    Coaching Fee: £90.00 + VAT per session (£108.00 total)

    Duration: Each session is up to 75 minutes.


    Frequently Asked Questions

    Are my sessions confidential?
    Yes, any information you tell your coach is confidential. The only time this would not apply is if your coach felt there was an immediate risk to your health.

    By having careers coaching are you guaranteeing I will secure a new job?
    No, these sessions are to support you and help you secure your next job, and/or become happier in your career.

    What if I am not happy with the coaching sessions?
    Please contact us by email at, where your complaint will be investigated.

    Ruth Forster is a CDI registered professional and if the complaint is serious this should also be raised with the Career Development Institute.

    Career Development Institute Disc Certified Trainer Team - member of the year Institute of Recruitment Professionals Pay in 30 Days