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Now is the time to create your best CV.

You’ll use this for all of the roles that you may apply for, so make sure you add in specific experience and skills that employers will be looking for.
You could have a couple of versions of your CV if you are potentially looking at a couple of different fields and need to highlight your skills and experience differently.

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Your CV Should Include:

Personal Information

  • Your full name
  • Your address (just your city and postcode is fine if you prefer)
  • Your contact details (phone and email are standard)
  • A link to your LinkedIn profile if you have one. If you don’t have one now is a great time to get one!

Personal Profile
This should be a short summary of you and what you are looking for. This is also your opportunity to sell yourself and what you can offer.

You need to list all of the qualifications you have (generally highest first) including:

  • The level of qualifications
  • The subjects you took
  • The dates you achieved your qualification and the start and finish dates

Training courses 
Provide a list of relevant training courses that you’ve taken and the dates you took them

Career History
List your career history in date order with the most recent first.


  • The dates you were employed
  • The name of the company you worked for
  • The job title you held

Company information
Provide a brief summary of who the company was and what services or products they delivered.

Overview of role and responsibilities

  • Give a brief summary of what you do or have done in previous roles;  add any key achievements; teams you have managed or successful projects you have completed.
  • Include anything the potential new company may want to know.

Hobbies & Personal Interests and Volunteering
If you have any personal interests, hobbies or volunteering commitments that may add value to your application then add them in too, but generally, if you leave these out it gives you something interesting and new to talk about in the interview.

Employers will tend to ask for these if they want them. This is normally as an application progresses towards a later stage.

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