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Annual Career MOT

Even if you’re starting off 2024 in a great place, scheduling your own annual review can be beneficial. It doesn’t have to be onerous; here are a couple of simple checkpoints to consider when your career feels on track.

To summarise – this article is for when all feels good in your career.

Check-in 1 – Are you as active in your professional community as you used to be?

Consider how active you were when building to this point in your career. Did you attend more events? Did you engage more with professional posts on LinkedIn?

Networking can be a valuable tool throughout your career and life! If you’re fortunate enough to be in a great place in your career, could others benefit from your knowledge, experiences, and maybe opinions?

Supporting our next generations can be a valuable gift; there are several easy ways you could offer your support:

  1. Internal company mentoring schemes – mentoring colleagues moving into new areas of a business, different locations, different disciplines, more leadership roles.
  2. University and further education mentoring schemes. Most universities and colleges are always looking for professionals to support their undergraduates.
  3. Schools. Careers Education in schools is a critical part of the curriculum, all schools work towards the Gatsby Benchmarks. These benchmarks include Linking Careers to the Curriculum and Encounters with Employers. Volunteering for mock interview days, creating mini projects for the students to work on.

But what about your own networking? Your career could be bang on track, but what if there’s an unforeseeable event that throws it a little off course – a forced relocation, redundancy, changes in ownership or leadership? By continuing a small amount of networking, it means you wouldn’t be starting from scratch should you need to reignite a job search once again.

  1. Attend the occasional online or in-person event that is relevant to your profession.
  2. Keep following the organisations you are interested in; their new innovations, technology, services, or designs.
  3. Keep in contact with people in industries and companies that interest you. Comment on posts that still interest you.

Check-in 2. What does the next Chapter look like for you?

So, imagine today all is great in your career. What about the next chapter?

Is there a dream or desire of something you really want to do – moving away from the desk job and having a more active outdoors role? Combining a hobby or passion into an income stream?

How do you get from where you are today to the long-term dream? This is a topic Ruth explored with her guest Julia Doherty last year. Within the ‘My Career Journey’ interview, they discussed moving from one career to another, how each overlaps rather than having a hard stop, like chapters that blend into each other. You can listen to their thoughts in the clip on our YouTube Channel here.

Wishing everyone a successful and happy career in 2024, and beyond!


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