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11 things highly productive individuals never do!

Adam Payne FInstLM shared this great blog highlighting the things highly productive people should NEVER do.

11 Things Highly Productive Individuals Never Do

In a chat following his post, I also added my thoughts.

DON’T feel alone..

Running a business, leading a team, striving to be the best you can be, in any of these situations I know you will have at some point felt alone, and most of the time it will be alone with your thoughts, not necessarily physically being alone.

I am also pretty sure you will also have built a network of people you can trust. These are the people to lean on.

These people become your trusted network. They all may have slightly different roles, some will give it to you straight and tell you to get a grip (with kindness too!), some will listen and guide you, and some people may just always be there to have your back, your cheerleaders.

At different times you will be able to lean on each one of them, to have open, honest, and at times vulnerable conversations, share challenges, and worries, or just have a grumble with, (normally they are also the people you can laugh with and share your successes with too!)

It does take time to build that network, and those friendships but I could not have gone through the past 13 years of business without those key people in my life (you all know who you are!)

Ruth 😊

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