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Thursday 16th February saw the first board meeting for the Stephen Sutton Multi-Academy Trust. SSMAT is for Burntwood and the surrounding area taking inspiration from the shining example of Stephen Sutton.

Ruth Forster felt privileged to be approached in 2016 to become a Director of the Board and advise on employment and skills for the MAT. The values, aspirations and work ethic of the trust fit perfectly with Ruth’s personal values and the values of Wagstaff Recruitment. Life is not a dress rehearsal (as Ruth’s father has always taught her) which fits in perfectly with one of Stephen’s phrases “Life is for living”.

We live in a world of great opportunities and have a responsibility to enlighten and inspire generations that follow us to give them the best possible opportunities.

Stephen Sutton

‘Make every second count, never take anything for granted.

Don’t be afraid to try something new – life is for living’.

Schools across the Stephen Sutton Multi-Academy Trust work together for continuous improvement with ambition and imagination. We take our lead from Stephen himself, who showed us how to make the most of our opportunities.

Stephen taught us how to ….. live, love, laugh and learn.

The Wagstaff team look forward to working with SSMAT to support, guide and inspire.

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