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Good old Kevin Spacey!

A couple of months ago I heard a great quotation from one of my favourite actors ………

Kevin Spacey

Last Friday we sent our elevator back down, at the first Tamworth Schools Fair. I use the word “we” loosely as I realised I had a days leave booked so roped Stuart Cooper, Steve Lapham and Natalie Taylor in – teamwork !

I really didn’t get on at school. To be honest, when I stepped back into a school a few years ago to do my first careers event, my heart pounded so loud and I was so nervous, I wasn’t sure I could be of any help. It wasn’t that I was really bad at school work, I was average. The “thing” for me was that I just didn’t enjoy anything that much. Nothing really inspired me and reflecting back it is now apparent that I had not been inspired as when I came to leave school at 16 I had no inspiration of what job I could do.

I do feel I was lucky, after 2 years of leaving school I “fell” into a job as an Administrator at a Recruitment Agency. The agency and one specific Director were great, they took a chance on me, trained me and believed in me. The rest, as they say, is history. But why leave the next generation to feel “ lucky” why not help and pass on help and guidance where we can.

Getting involved in the careers agenda and supporting schools has become a personal passion for me, I have so much admiration for the teaching profession and feel they have such a responsibility to get our next generation passing their grades and in additional we want them to add true careers guidance, which is a huge task. As recruiters we are in an ideal situation to pass on careers advice in terms of employers to work for, industries to work in and jobs available. The Wagstaff Recruitment Team have been lucky to have done well, we have had great careers and now have jobs we love, hence us taking time to “ send the elevator back down”.

So, on Friday 7th July we greeted over 1,000 pupils and gave them the opportunity to understand the FMCG industry. We talked about how beer is bottled, how bagged salad becomes bagged, how chocolate is packed. We then discussed what jobs they could do including engineering, marketing, new product development, finance and purchasing, to name just a few!

We hope we inspired! 

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